Brandnew Music Releases Official Statement On AB6IX Kim Donghyun’s Dating Rumors

They released an official statement.

AB6IX‘s Kim Donghyun was recently spotted on the streets of Apgujeong in South Korea. A popular hangout with celebrities, he was spotted late at night with his arm around a lady.

Alleged picture of AB6IX’s Kim Donghyun | Nate Pann

Yesterday, while waiting for the cab, I saw him when he took off his cap. As soon as I took the picture, he must have noticed as he walked away while holding the female’s hands. My friend and I both had a good look at him. Believe what you want. I will delete the picture and video soon.

— Original Poster

His agency, Brandnew Music, released an official statement about the matter. Talking to Korean news outlet XSports News, his agency denied that the two were dating. Instead, they claimed that he had been meeting his friends.

It’s true that Kim Donghyun met up with his hometown friends after a company dinner. He was going to go home after his meet up wrapped up and after he sent off his friends, he took a taxi home himself.

— Brandnew Music

Previously, fans were upset after he was photographed on an alleged date right after the group’s fan meeting. Brandnew Music has since claimed that he had met up with a group of friends instead of just the girl in question.

 AB6IX fans criticized the agency for their statement.

Source: Xsports News