AB6IX’s Woojin Teases Daehwi That He Looks Like Park Bo Gum — Here’s What He Had To Say About It

He was also compared to Kim Soo Hyun!

The boys of AB6IX recently guested on an episode of Jessi‘s Show!terview. Not only did they get to promote their latest song, “CHERRY”, they also got to show off their chemistry by teasing each other.

It all started when the MC pointed out that Daehwi looked like the model Jeong Hyuk.


We can sort of see the resemblence! Woojin disagreed however, and pointed out that what people around them have been saying is…

…that Daehwi looks like Park Bo Gum!

Park Bo Gum is currently off serving in the military but here he is!

Daehwi began to fervently protest as he scolded Woojin.

But Woojin had one last punch to throw! He claimed that Daehwi often says he himself looks like actor Kim Soo Hyun! Seeing Daehwi’s reaction, it’s no wonder that Woojin loves teasing him.

Although Woojin might’ve been joking (we’ll never know!) enjoy the hilarious reactions from Daehwi below.