Even AB6IX’s Woojin Can’t Resist Stray Kids Changbin’s Muscles

Fans don’t know who to be more jealous of!

The Idol Star Athletic Championship (commonly referred to as ISAC) has officially returned after a two-year break for the pandemic. Although fans were equal parts concerned and excited about the return of the iconic broadcast, fans are loving the different interactions they’ve seen between all their favorite idols.

Stray Kids, in particular, are going viral for their different, and sometimes surprising, friendships.

For instance, Bang Chan and Ryujin showed off their chaotic sibling rivalry.

And Bang Chan endearingly greeted his long-time friend NMIXX‘s Lily.

Bang Chan also made sure to excitedly greet AB6IX‘s Woong.

Han also showed off his unexpected but adorable friendship with NCT‘s Shotaro.

Changbin also had his long-awaited reunion with his best friend, ATEEZ‘s Wooyoung, which fans couldn’t have been more excited about.

But Changbin also had an entertaining interaction with AB6IX’s Woojin that left fans of both idols incredibly amused.

Changbin | @realstraykids/Instagram
Woojin | @AB6IX_MEMBERS/Twitter

In the viral clip, Woojin is seemingly checking out Changbin’s muscles while Changbin even flexes for him.

Changbin and Woojin | @spearhyunnie/Twitter
| @spearhyunnie/Twitter
| @spearhyunnie/Twitter

Although fans can’t decide which idol they’re more jealous of, they definitely love this adorable friendship.

You can watch the full clip here.

You can read more about Stray Kids’ different interactions here.

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