AB6IX’s Woong Impresses Fans With His Flawless Abs — But His Own Reaction To Them Is Priceless

His duality!

Woong showed hard work pays off in AB6IX‘s latest music video, “Close.”

| @AB6IX_official/Instagram

Not only do the concept photos do a great job showing off his defined six-pack…

| @AB6IX/Twitter

…he also gives ABNEW a close-up view in the music video!

| AB6IX/YouTube

His “chocolate abs” are perfectly carved whether he’s performing…

| AB6IX/YouTube

…or taking a photo backstage.

| @AB6IX/Twitter

However, his bashful reaction to his amazing body shows his true cute side!

While his reaction is adorable and shy, ABNEW can’t contain their excitement when they see his hard work.

It’s safe to say Woong could open his own chocolate factory with his fit physique!

Check out the full music video for “Close” below.