AB6IX’s Woong Once Made Eye Contact With His Parents While Performing “Very Suggestive” Choreography

It was his most shocking experience in life.

AB6IX recently attended Sunmi‘s Showterview, and they didn’t hold back in sharing amusing anecdotes about themselves. For instance, the members prepared a game where they anonymously answered questions, and Sunmi had to guess which member said what.

In the game, she correctly identified Woojin as not wanting to lend money.

Daehwi: Someone answered, “I don’t lend anyone money. That’s my rule.

Sunmi: Got it! Woojin!

Daehwi | Mobidic/YouTube 

Although Woojin clarified that he wouldn’t lend his members money because if it was a small amount, he’d just give it to them.

Woojin | Mobidic/YouTube 

Another question was about each member’s most shocking moment in life, and for Woong, that moment was, unfortunately, making eye contact with his parents during sexy choreography.

Daehwi: [While] crawling on the floor, dancing “MOONDANCE,” he made eye contact with his parents! It’s a very suggestive choreography!

Donghyun: Gosh.

Daehwi and Donghyun | Mobidic/YouTube 

After Sunmi guessed that Woong had experienced that embarrassment, the idol explained the situation.

Woong: I was dancing like this… I was having a concert, and my parents were right in front of the stage. I was doing it like this [and made eye contact with them].

Woong’s “MOONDANCE” choreography | Mobidic/YouTube 
Woong | Mobidic/YouTube 

In the past, Woong’s mother had told him that she could separate him as an artist, understanding things like suggestive choreography.

Daehwi: How did your mother react?

Woong: I told my mom in advance, “This song is a little suggestive.” And she said, “When you’re on stage, you are not my son.

| Mobidic/YouTube 

But despite her determination, his mother was still pretty shocked by the choreography.

Woong: So I tried my best. And I said “I’m sorry” to mom when I finished. She said, “That’s indeed risky.

| Mobidic/YouTube 

While Daehwi and Sunmi thought that Woong’s mother was impressive for her mindset…

Daehwi: What she said is so impressive.

Sunmi: I know…

Woojin admitted that his mother not only supports him as an artist but encourages him to be even more risqué.

Woojin: When I was half-naked, my mom told me to do more. “Told you! Just strip more!

| Mobidic/YouTube 

You can watch “MOONDANCE” here.

Source: Mobidic


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