AB6IX’s Daehwi Got Into Music Because Of This One Thing He Did In Los Angeles

This one thing helped convince him.

AB6IX‘s Daehwi is known for many things. Since his days in Wanna One, he has been praised for being a musical genius, having produced the track that he auditioned with for Produce 101 even. He also is gifted in language and is fluent in English and Japanese. On a recent episode of Jessi‘s Show!terview, he shared the reason why he chose music as a career path. Surprisingly, he came to the revelation because of this one thing he did while he was staying in Los Angeles.

Daehwi was amazing at studies ever since his days in America. Not only did he have a 4.5 GPA, he also received an award from the President himself, and was in all honors classes. Jessi questioned why he gave up a promising future as a lawyer or doctor to come to Korea for music.

He shared that he had been singing in church one day as a vocals member of the chorus, and he began crying as he was singing. He realized that music was something he truly had passion for.

After that day, he began to upload music onto YouTube and even bought a keyboard to further his composing skills. Surprisingly, Jessi shared that she too, had been part of the church choir.

Daehwi was convinced that this was something he could do as a job, for life, and decided to drop everything to pursue his dreams in Korea.

What an inspirational story! Get ready to drop tears when you catch the clip below.