Actor Kang Ji Sub Rips Up JMS Jesus Portrait To Prove His Severed Ties With The Cult, Netizens Still Divided Over His Innocence

Some asked if he really tore up the portrait or not.

After the Netflix docu-series In The Name Of God: The Holy Betrayal unveiled the corruptions and crimes of the South Korean cult named JMS, netizens have been on the hunt to trace down any public figure who might be connected to the group even today. A few days ago, actor Kang Ji Sub came under suspicion for being a part of the JMS cult, following which he wiped out his entire Instagram account and then released a public apology statement, claiming that he had severed ties with the group years ago.

Famous Korean Actor Confesses To Have Been Part Of The JMS Cult, Netizens Are Skeptical If He Truly Left

One of the most significant hints that set off netizens to suspect Kang’s association with the cult was a portrait of Jesus in his closet. During a 2022 show, Kang showed viewers his walk-in closet, which was decorated with a portrait of Jesus that is particular to JMS. Apparently, the cult members favor portraits that have a unique look to them, as if Jesus was spiced up by a beauty filter.

Though Kang denied being a part of the group anymore, since the portrait was still in his closet in 2022, the public was skeptical to believe his statement. Perhaps in a desperate bid to prove his innocence, Kang tore up the photo and posted it on his social media on March 13, KST. He added the caption, “I should have thrown it away a long time ago, why did I keep it in my storage?

Screengrab from Kang Ji Sub’s Instagram story |

His actions have started to sway people in his favor partially. Though there are still some skeptics, most netizens agree that ex-members like Kang should be given the safe space to freely talk about their experience in such cults because they too, are victims of the situation.

| Naver
| Naver
  • “You were celebrating his birthday, how could you not have known? ㅋㅋ”
  • “Let’s not turn this into a witch hunt, guys. We should be going after Jung Myung Suk and the people protecting him.. not the people who fell for it. They’re all victims too.”
  • “I don’t think it’s right to go after believers like this. If he had a higher rank, then sure, it’s fair game, but these people are victims too… If we continue to witch-hunt them like this, it’ll only force believers to go deeper into the cult ㅠ.”
  • “These former believers are victims, and we have to allow them to feel brave enough to come forward with their testimonies. I’m sure anyone who dared to question Jung Myeong Suk was told that they lacked faith…”
  • “But you wouldn’t usually call a pastor ‘teacher.'”
  • “Did he actually rip up the picture? Because it looks like he just ripped up the back panel of the frame…”
  • “We should be celebrating and supporting people for leaving these cults so that they will continue to come forward and leave .”
  • “If he was a follower from his college days up until 4-5 years ago, even that makes him a believer for over 15 years. If he was such a loyal follower of he pastor, I don’t think you’d be able to leave that easily!”
Source: Money Today
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