Actor Lee Ji Hoon Apologizes For His Controversy And Clarifies That The Staff That Accused Him Of “Power Tripping”, Was The One Who Mistreated Staff

He revealed it was the staff that accused him, that mistreated others, not him.

Actor Lee Ji Hoon was recently accused by a member of staff for the drama Sponsor, of indirectly threatening him. Previously, it was reported that actorLee Ji Hoon had fallen into controversy when a staff from his drama, Sponsor, stepped up to accuse Lee Ji Hoon of indirectly threatening them. According to the staff, Lee Ji Hoon had brought his friend to the set and the friend had cursed at the staff member while Lee Ji Hoon looked on. The production team has since stepped up to clarify the matter, claiming that while the matter arose due to misunderstanding.

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Following which, the staff continued to accuse Lee Ji Hoon of a variety of matters, including power tripping on the writers of the drama, as well as of taking his pants off during filming when he did not get his way.

Lee Ji Hoon has since stepped up to apologize for the matter and state his point of view. He clarifies that most of the matters did not happen and in fact, it was the staff that accused him, that mistreated the other people on set.

Hello. This is Lee Ji Hoon. I’m sorry for only speaking up honestly now. Firstly, regardless of reason, I’m sincerely sorry for the conflict that arose between my friend and the on site floor director. To be honest,  I’m not sure what conversation flowed between the two. But it was my mistake that my friend came on set to pass me a gift.. I’m sorry if during that process, the floor director felt uncomfortable. I sincerely apologize. I will take sure caution to make sure friends do not visit the site in the future. However, if it is okay, I hope you will listen to what I have to say…because I want to speak honestly.. There have been many distorted words and exaggerations… I think it cannot go on so I am speaking.. I have always gotten along fine with other staff on site during filming, without any large issues.. Although I’m lacking in terms of skills, I still struggle and try my best to be good at acting… If I were to speak honestly, the floor director has actually treated my manager, the extras and even the reporters that came on site for interviews, and myself, roughly.. After seeing that, as I am human too, I was not feeling great. Those other people are also working together with him, so it is true that I was in doubt as to why he could not speak to them nicely or why he treated them so roughly. I tried to think of it positively as the staff, actors and managers could all be uncomfortable on site. If there had been no happenings prior, I wouldn’t have thought of the floor director like that either. I still keep in contact with the other floor directors, staff and camera directors that I’ve worked with during these 9 years.. How can you say I’m power tripping.. Watching the videos and reading the posts about me, to be honest, when my company first released a statement, I only apologized to the parts which were my mistake.. It was not right for me to apologize for things I did not do. But because I kept seeing things being made up, I thought it could not go on and am writing a post…truthfully.

The first thing that was distorted was that day, it wasn’t a birthday party for me set up by my friend but thankfully, it was my fans. Two of my fans prepared meals for all of the staff from early morning and they came to congratulate me at the basement carpark, after morning filming concluded, for a very short time. Second, the issue about me removing my pants and throwing a fit, I can swear on my name that it never happened. This is the truth that all staff on site will have witnessed and known. During outdoor filmings, whenever there was no place for me to change clothing, I’ve always changed in the cars, toilets, on the streets or corridors, and whenever that happens, my staff would cover me.

— Lee Ji Hoon

Lee Ji Hoon continued to explain each of the accusations in detail and denied most of the issues including the matter with the writers and more. He clarified that he was not involved in the conflict between his friend and the staff.

Thirdly, it was not true that I egged on the conflict that happened between the floor director and my friend. I stopped them. The staff would have seen this too and my gaze was not one of me trying to say, ‘why did you mess with me; but it was me trying to tell my friend, ‘what are you doing? Why are you being like this? Don’t be like this to the floor director’ and that was all. And I waited until after the filming ended for Younghwanie hyung (the floor director) and went to him and told him that I wanted to apologize for my friend but because he said, ‘You’re not allowed to approach me. No touching me. I’ve already finished talking to my lawyer. Did you think I didn’t know any gangsters or loansharks too?’ I could not personally apologize. The truth of what happened during the conversation between the floor director and my friend, like him being pushed, will be shown on CCTV.

Fourthly, about the writers, it’s something I’m hearing about for the first time too.. Just as the comments on the articles say, who am I to dare to ask for the writers to be changed out… Before the drama started, the director explained the character to me and I left a message for him saying I would trust and follow him. That was it. I have the contents of our conversation. If things keep coming up about the matter with the production team and writers.. I will upload the conversations.

Fifth, I really…can’t power trip…really. There’s no specifics about what I power tripped with… and the articles exaggerated things so now all the articles that rise up is all about my power trip. I’m so heart broken… I’m not someone who can power trip..

Seeing the articles and comments, I’ve been very frustrated and sad and I wondered why things I didn’t do were being spread around. I hope there will be no more guesswork and misunderstandings. To my fans that are cheering me on, and to those that are not looking at me very positively, I hope you only curse at the parts where I did wrong… While writing this, I thought clearly about which parts I did wrong.. Through this matter, I will reflect and correct the things I definitely need to correct! This got long.. I want to apologize again for showing you guys an uncomfortable situation while writing this. In the future, as a public figure, I will try harder to act more wisely in any situation. I sincerely apologize. Although I try to always be cheery on set, I was lacking. I’m sincerely sorry to everyone, and to all those who are working on set, for worrying you through this matter.

— Lee Ji Hoon

With that, the matter hopefully will be concluded. Lee Ji Hoon currently stars in Sponsor, about 4 people who are looking for a sponsor and will do anything to get their hearts’ desires.

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