Actor Lee Yi Kyung Explains Why He Doesn’t Invite BTS’s Jin to His Film Screenings

They haven’t talked since he revealed their close friendship.

It wasn’t long ago since actor Lee Yi Kyung revealed his close friendship with BTS‘s Jin.

Actor Lee Yi Kyung Reveals How He Met And Became Good Friends With BTS’s Jin

During a Radio Star interview, Lee Yi Kyung shared that he met Jin at an acting school after he was discharged from the military and that Jin was already famous for his good looks at the time.

And just last year, they even shared a sweet moment at MAMA, making it even more known that they are indeed very good friends.

BTS’s Jin And Lee Yi Kyung Shared A LeJINdary Moment At MAMA

Well, in a more recent interview with Lee Yi Kyung, the actor was questioned about his friendship with BTS’s Jin.

When he was asked if he had talked with Jin after revealing his close friendship, Lee Yi Kyung gave a surprising answer.

That’d be rude. I didn’t even invite him to the film screening.

– Lee Yi Kyung

He then went on to explain why he doesn’t invite Jin to any events.

He’s probably very busy with his own schedules. But he’s really nice, so I feel like if I call him to something, he’ll actually come. So I don’t invite him. I feel like inviting him to things will make him feel burdened. So I haven’t called him for anything like that.

– Lee Yi Kyung

Lee Yi Kyung also clarified that the acting school where he met Jin no longer exists.

That acting school where we met doesn’t exist anymore. It was a really small acting school.

– Lee Yi Kyung

Lee Yi Kyung will be starring in the upcoming film, Hitman, which is set to premiere on January 22.

Source: Insight