Actor Nam Joo Hyuk Shocks Fans With His Dramatic Physical Transformation After Enlisting In The Military

“What are they feeding them over there?!”

Korean actor Nam Joo Hyuk recently shocked fans with his dramatic transformation after over a month in the army.

Actor Nam Joo Hyuk | @skawngur/Instagram

Since debuting, Nam Joo Hyuk has always been one of the hottest Korean actors, showcasing his handsomeness.

| @skawngur/Instagram
| @skawngur/Instagram

Over the years, Nam Joo Hyuk has been wowing netizens with his diverse acting but also his “Boy Next Door” visuals that always make him the perfect lead actor.


In March, Nam Joo Hyuk enlisted in the army, and after his training,  he was promoted to Squadron Commander Trainer and is in charge of leading his team. His photos went viral following his enlistment, as netizens couldn’t get over the actor’s visuals.

| theqoo
| theqoo

Recently, the actor shocked fans after a recent video of the actor at his completion ceremony went viral for his dramatic transformation. In a video with over five million views, a video of the actor marching with his squad was shared and showed the obvious bulk up.

When the video was posted, fans couldn’t get enough of the transformation. Unsurprisingly, the clip went viral with millions of views and netizens sharing their shock at how much and how quickly the actor had gained weight and buffed up.

Even on Twitter, a user shared a clip from Nam Joo Hyuk’s completion ceremony that showed those who were there congratulating the actor and admiring his new physique.

Yet, he’s not the only Korean celebrity that recently gained attention for his unreal transformation in the first few months of his military service. In April, BTS‘s Jin shocked fans with his new toned physique when fellow member J-Hope was going to enlist.

In the photos, netizens were shocked at just how big the idol looked compared to when he first enlisted in December 2022.

BTS’s Jin posted his first pictures after his training in January | BTS/Weverse
Jin in April after seeing off J-Hope | @bts_twt/Twitter

Yet, while netizens were shocked at the transformation, it seems like Jin was aware of the change as V hilariously called out his member during a live broadcast, exposing the group’s oldest member for knowing about his bulk up.

BTS’s V “Exposes” Jin For Being Aware Of His Dramatic Physical Transformation In The Most Iconic Way

It seems like the more stable routine, including fixed meals and sleeping routines, has benefited Korean celebrities and allowed them to thrive and become a lot healthier without the pressures of celebrity life.

Source: @namjoohyukidn
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