Actor Yoo Ah In Arrives At The Summoning Of His Drug Charges But Leaves Because Of The Reporters

It appears that he changed his mind the morning of.

Actor Yoo Ah In, who is under investigation by the police on suspicion of using drugs such as propofol and cocaine, was scheduled to undergo a second round of questioning—however, he did not attend.

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On May 11, Yoo Ah In was scheduled to undergo a second summons, but he notified the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency in the morning that he could not attend the investigation because he was burdened by the number of reporters present.

He was said to have arrived at the Drug Crime Investigation Unit building in Mapo-gu, Seoul, on the morning of May 11 but turned back after seeing how many reporters were present. The police have notified him of a new summons date, but it has not yet been confirmed.

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Yoo Ah In did his first round of questioning on March 27. After being investigated as a suspect for about 12 hours, he told reporters that he was deeply reflecting on the fact that he disappointed many people who have loved and supported him and apologized. The next day, he posted a public apology on his Instagram.

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An official from the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency stated in a press conference on May 8 that they are in the final stages of investigating Yoo Ah In and would soon wrap up their investigation with the actor.

Meanwhile, Yoo Ah In was suspected of violating drug control laws for allegedly taking drugs regularly. Investigations have revealed that he injected over 4,400 milliliters of propofol more than 73 times in 2021 alone. On February 5, the police banned Yoo Ah In from leaving the country and conducted a urine test which revealed that the actor tested positive for marijuana, cocaine, ketamine, and zolpidem.

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In addition to Yoo Ah In, the police are investigating four individuals suspected of assisting or directly providing the actor with drugs.


Source: Newsis
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