Actors Jung Hae In And Kim Min Gue Prove They Have A Wholesome Friendship On A Recent “Date” Together

They are one handsome AF duo!

Although it seems like the number of actors and actresses in the Korean entertainment industry is huge, it’s a much smaller world than you would first expect. It means that netizens are never short of interactions between their favorites. Sometimes, they are just too wholesome to comprehend.

In particular, an iconic friendship was recently brought to the forefront of netizens’ minds, and it’s between two of the hottest actors around: Snowdrop actor Jung Hae In

Actor Jung Hae In | @holyhaein/Instagram

And Business Proposal actor Kim Min Gue (also stylized as Kim Min Kyu).

“Business Proposal” actor Kim Min Gue | SBS

The duo has caught the attention of netizens during the past few months and captured viewers’ hearts in their respective shows. But many were shocked to realize that the two are certified besties, all because of Snowdrop

Jung Hae In constantly gained praise for his acting in the series, but few realized that Kim Min Gue was in the show, playing Joo Gyeok Chan, a North Korean agent prone to violence.

Kim Min Gue in Snowdrop | JTBC
Jung Hae In in Snowdrop | JTBC

They even shared a cute selfie with BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo when they were filming the series.

Kim Min Gue, Jisoo, and Jung Hae In | @mingue.k/Instagram

Well, it seems like the two actors reunited and showcased their friendship on social media.

On May 8, Jung Hae In surprised netizens when he shared pictures of the Daebang Train station, which surprised people enough, with many joking that they hoped they could see the actor if they were just going on the train somewhere.

| @holyhaein/Instagram

Of course, it was the next picture that netizens loved. The actor was going to see a musical, but he wasn’t alone. Jung Hae In posted an adorable selfie with not only Kim Min Gue but also another Snowdrop co-star, Jang In Sub.

Jung Hae In, Jang In Sub, and Kim Min Gue | @holyhaein/Instagram

And they definitely look as handsome as they did while they were all filming Snowdrop.

| @mingue.k/Instagram

The actor then shared an image of what looked like a shooting range and tagged Kim Min Gue on the higher score.

| @holyhaein/Instagram

Since Snowdrop finished filming, it isn’t the first time Kim Min Gue and Jung Hae In cemented their status as besties. When Business Proposal was being filmed, Jung Hae In even sent a coffee truck to his co-star with great pictures from the show.

| @mingue.k/Instagram
| @mingue.k/Instagram

Hopefully, this isn’t the only interaction we see between the duo because it is definitely handsome overload. Both actors are thriving in the industry and gaining love left, right, and center and another show with both men in it would definitely break the internet.

You can read more about Kim Min Gue’s role in Snowdrop below.

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