Netizens Shocked At The Duality Of “Business Proposal” Kim Min Gue After Discovering His Role In “Snowdrop”

It showcases his true acting abilities!

The rising popularity of SBS‘s K-Drama Business Proposal has meant that netizens everywhere want to know everything about the cast. One person who has definitely caught the attention of fans is Chan Sung Hoon, the best friend and secretary of Kang Tae Moo (Ahn Hyo Seop) and is played by Kim Min Gue

Kim Min Gue in “Business Proposal” | SBS

Whether it is being a true gentleman and showcasing his handsome visuals…

| The Swoon/ YouTube 

Or capturing the audience’s attention with his undeniable chemistry with Jin Young Seo (Seol In Ah), Kim Min Gue is definitely proving to be the perfect man.

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Despite gaining popularity for his role in Business Proposal, Kim Min Gue has been acting in K-Dramas and movies since 2013. One role that has been gaining attention is from a show that many netizens are aware of, and it’s none other than JTBC‘s Snowdrop, starring BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo and Jung Hae In.

Jung Hae In (left) and Jisoo (right) | JTBC

In the show, Kim Min Gue plays Joo Gyeok Chan, a North Korean agent prone to violence. Considering how handsome and charming Cha Sung Hoon is, Joo Gyeok Chan couldn’t be more different with his personality and visuals.

There is an aura of roughness and complexity with his character, and his looks showcase the harsh realities of the story.

Also, whereas netizens are used to seeing Kim Min Gue all dressed up in a suit, tie, and those glasses, his character in Snowdrop dressed more simply and swapped the business attire for a uniform and weapons.

| Korean TV Series/ YouTube
| Korean TV Series/ YouTube 

He also wasn’t afraid of causing hurt to those around him, even if they were deemed innocent.

| Korean TV Series/ YouTube

It was definitely shocking to netizens when they first realized that the two characters were actually played by the same person. For many, it showcased just how talented Kim Min Gue is, while others joked that they were looking at his Snowdrop character in a completely new light.

Even playing a villainous character, he still showcased his cuteness and gentleman-like charm when the cameras weren’t rolling, especially when he was interacting with Jisoo (who played the lead Young Ro).

| JTBC Drama/ YouTube
| JTBC Drama/ YouTube

Hopefully, now that more people are aware of Kim Min Gue’s talent, they can go back and watch some of his older projects and see just how diverse an actor he is. In the meantime, netizens can continue watching him as a true gentleman in Business Proposal.

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