Actress Confesses She Was Bullied In School Until WINNER’s Mino Saved Her

She’s a testament to Mino’s true personality.

Actress Choi Ye Seul may be happy and healthy now with her couple-goals relationship with MBLAQ‘s former member, G.O. But she didn’t always walk a flower road back in the days. She confessed during an interview that she used to be bullied back in school.


During her school days, she didn’t have friends because she didn’t get along with others. She believes people didn’t like her because she put herself out there even though she didn’t have many friends.

This image has no relation to Choi Ye Seul or Mino.

“I used to be bullied back in school.

I was bullied, but it wasn’t necessarily that other people tortured me. It was more that I didn’t have any friends.

Even so, I did everything [I wanted to do] like be the class leader, but I think they hated me for standing out too much.”

— Choi Ye Seul


When no one else stepped up to befriend her, she was saved by WINNER Mino‘s kindness. She revealed that Mino was a big help in getting through the dark times.

“During those days, Mino helped me a lot.”

— Choi Ye Seul


Mino reached out to the lonely Choi Ye Seul, getting her involved in his music. Even during school, Mino was always working hard to juggle studies and his passion in life.

“Mino worked really hard during school. He would work on songs at home and send it to me. He asked me for my opinion too.”

— Choi Ye Seul


Ever since, Mino and Choi Ye Seul have been good friends. They recently lost contact due to his busy schedule but she still has fond memories of him.

“The last time I contacted him was during WINNER’s program. We used to call each other a lot.”

— Choi Ye Seul


This isn’t the first time Mino’s kindness shined through his love for his friends. BLOCK B‘s P.O also revealed that Mino decided to quit training in solidarity after P.O was eliminated from their past agency.


Thanks to Mino’s friendship, Choi Ye Seul finished school with a bright future. She now focuses her all in her acting career and her YouTube channel with her beau, G.O!

Source: KNS


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