Actress Kim Hye Soo Looks Photoshopped AF Posing For Her New K-Drama “Under The Queen’s Umbrella”

A queen, for real. 👑✨

On October 7 (KST), the globally-beloved Korean TV entertainment channel tvN hosted an online press conference to celebrate the upcoming premiere of the new Netflix-bound K-Drama Under the Queen’s Umbrella.

“Under the Queen’s Umbrella” | @tvn_drama/Instagram

The female lead, actress Kim Hye Soo, graced the event dressed in an elegant all-black dress that highlighted her figure.

The cast at the press conference. | @tvn_drama/Instagram

Rocking a new full-bang hairstyle and posing next to a giant tvN sign, Kim Hye Soo looked surreal:

Kim Hye Soo | @tvn_drama/Instagram

When tvN’s official Instagram account shared these pictures of Kim Hye Soo at the conference, hundreds of K-Drama fans went wild at how “photoshopped to perfection” the actress looked.

| @tvn_drama/Instagram

I’m sorry, what?! She’s real? Not photoshopped or painted? Not a sculpture, but a real human being?! BUT HOW? How can she be so perfectly gorgeous?

— Korean Comment via theqoo

The breathtaking visual from the ageless actress built even more anticipation for the new series!

| theqoo
  • “Wowee. She’s f*cking cool.”
  • “Whoa, so cool!”
  • “Geez…”
  • Unnieee!
  • “You’re amazing!”
  • “Wow.”
  • “She’s the best, really.”
  • “Oh, gosh. I’ll keep aging. You stay gorgeous.”
  • “What in the world-“
  • “There may be a lot of pretty faces. But she has an unmatched aura. You’re so cool, Hye Soo!”
  • “She’s such a doll.”
  • “Whoa, how come she isn’t aging? I’m the only one getting older… Unnie, so pretty.”
  • “Wait, whaaat! This makes no sense.”
  • “Please run for president.”
  • “Guys, I’m on my knees.”
  • “Please be my president!”
  • “She finally got a hairstyle that suits her!”
  • “Wow, LOL. She looks unbelievably good in black. How is that even possible?!”

At the conference, Kim Hye Soo revealed that the “liveliness” of the script captivated her from the get go. Mesmerized by the modern character in historic Joseon, the actress commented that Under the Queen’s Umbrella has “taught her so much about motherhood.”

Kim Hye Soo as the queen with her three sons. | @tvn_drama/Instagram

I became enchanted by how real and lively the script for ‘Under the Queen’s Umbrella’ was. Everything is shockingly new. The show is set in Joseon, but it’s not quite a historical one. I’m quite intrigued by the overall vibe of ‘Under the Queen’s Umbrella,’ including how modern my character is.

And this show got me passionate about pushing my limits and trying a broader range of acting. I learned a lot from the show—especially about motherhood. Mothers are strong. Mothers love their children. How far will a mother go to protect her loved ones? I’d say, this show isn’t just about the queen, really.

— Kim Hye Soo

Watch the official trailer here. Under the Queen’s Umbrella premieres October 15.


Source: Hankookilbo and theqoo

Under The Queen's Umbrella

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