Actress Kim Sun Ah Formally Adopts Sulli’s Cat, Goblin, From Heechul

Heechul was only looking after Goblin temporarily.

Actress Kim Sun Ah just revealed that she has formally adopted Sulli‘s cat, Goblin, from Heechul who was looking after him temporarily following Sulli’s passing.

Kim Sun Ah recently posted an announcement on her Instagram account detailing the situation:

I didn’t feel confident in caring for Goblin myself, and just talking about it broke my heart. So I cautiously asked Heechul Oppa to look after him, and he immediately took care of him and even took him for a medical examination, so I was really touched and grateful. He’s a really good person.

– Kim Sun Ah


Kim Sun Ah also attached photos of Goblin and explained how the cat’s been doing since the adoption.

It’s been a while since I brought him home, but I thought he was too cute and lovable just to see with my eyes only, so I’m sharing photos for all of you to see. I love you, Goblin.

– Kim Sun Ah

Back on December 29, Heechul gained much attention online after revealing that he was taking care of Sulli’s cat, Goblin.


The cat even appeared on an episode of My Little Old Boy, leading fans to believe that Heechul adopted the cat.

But it’s just been revealed that Heechul was only looking after Sulli’s cat temporarily before Kim Sun Ah’s formal adoption.

Kim Sun Ah was well-known to be a close friend of Sulli’s before her passing.

Some of her notable works include Answer 1997Rude Miss Young Ae Season 3, and Producers, and she met Sulli on the set of the film, Real.

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