ADOR’s CEO Min Hee Jin Comments On The LGBTQ+ Representation In NewJeans’ “Hype Boy” Music Video

The topic of Hanni’s “Hype Boy” MV storyline was brought up in a recent interview.

ADOR‘s CEO and NewJeans‘ creative director, Min Hee Jin, recently spoke with Billboard about NewJeans’ success and first EP.

ADOR’s CEO Min Hee Jin | @min.hee.jin/Instagram

Min Hee Jin discussed various topics with Billboard, such as how she came to be the CEO of the HYBE Labels subsidiary, what led her to leave SM Entertainment, and why she didn’t mind that HYBE wasn’t involved in the planning of the rising rookie group.

(From left to right) NewJeans’ Hanni, Haerin, Hyein, Minji, and Danielle | @newjeans_official/Instagram

The talented five-member K-Pop girl group seemingly appeared overnight, and that was due to a careful marketing strategy planned by Min Hee Jin.

Without promotion, they dropped their first music video and performance video for “Attention” at the end of July.

I thought to myself it would be cool to release them without any teasers, and I was surprised when I heard CEO Min’s explanation because she actually had the same idea!

— Hyein

After “Attention,” they released six versions of their “Hype Boy” music video along with an intro video.


Aside from the impressive budget for the music video and the six different versions, the diverse representation throughout each music video earned fans praise.

Member Hanni‘s music video is widely believed to show an LGBTQ+ love interest storyline.


In the interview, Min Hee Jin was asked about the nod to the LGBTQ+ community in “Hype Boy.” When the interviewer, Jeff Benjamin, asked if the storyline was intentional, this is what Min Hee Jin had to say,

The focal point of the music videos from NewJeans’ first EP is relationships between one person and another rather than simply focusing on those between girls and boys… In “Hype Boy,” the chemistry of these relationships was episodic and revealed in different ways. In particular, I wanted to convey the message that there is beauty and virtue in loving and embracing each person’s individuality, rather than making assumptions about people using prejudices and stereotypes.

— Min Hee Jin

From her answer, her meaningful focus on relationships from person to person and the inclusivity of diverse love storylines seemed to be intentional. This isn’t surprising with how meticulous each creative decision has been for the group so far.

Fans loved seeing the queer representation and inclusivity in the music video, and are excited to see what the group’s future holds.

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Source: Billboard