Aespa Is Ending Their Rookie Year In Iconic Fashion With These Award Wins

They can’t be stopped!

Rookie girl group aespa had a historic debut in 2020, going on to quickly become one of the biggest groups in K-Pop within its first year. A year after debuting with the smash hit “Black Mamba,” the girls of aespa are by no means done as they continue to break records and set new standards in the industry.

Most recently, aespa became one of only two 4th generation groups to win top 10 at the 2021 Melon Music Awards.

They were also the first 4th generation group to win the grand prize for both “New Female Artist Of The Year” and “Best Female Group” in one night!

With their grand prize wins, aespa also became one of only four girl groups to have won a grand prize at the Melon Music Awards.

Not only that, but they also scored an impressive three awards at the 2021 Asia Artist Awards, including “Best New Artist (Singer),” “AAA Hot Trend (Singer)” and a grand prize for “Stage Of The Year.”

Their “Savage” comeback has also been immensely successful, as they have now scored eight music show awards and a triple crown in Inkigayo!

To top things off, they made it into the top 10 most streamed female K-Pop groups of 2021, which is incredible when one considers that the group only debuted a year ago! To top things off, within its first year aespa has now become the 4th generation group with the most grand prizes.

Fans could not be prouder of aespa’s achievements, and it’s not hard to see why. The group is not called a ‘monster rookie group’ for no reason!

The members previously stated that they would be incredibly honored to win ‘Rookie Of The Year,’ and that they would do their best to end the year well. Now that they have won it, fans can be proud that aespa’s hard work paid off! They are truly ending the year in iconic fashion. Congratulations to aespa on all their wins so far!

Source: Naver