Aespa’s Karina Is The Most Relatable As She Gets Distracted By A Dog At The Airport

In that moment, we were all Karina.

Aespa‘s Karina proved herself to be totally relatable as she arrived at Gimpo International Airport to a warm welcome from fans…only to be completely distracted by a cute dog.

Aespa’s Karina

The members of aespa made their way back to Korea after participating in the SM Entertainment ‘family’ concert, SMTOWN LIVE 2022 in Tokyo. The three-day concert was full of iconic and fun moments, many of which aespa directly had a hand in. NingNing, for one, gained plenty of attention for her incredible vocal performance alongside SHINee‘s Onew

…while Winter went viral for her now-legendary “Step Back” look (which she revealed she styled herself).

Aespa’s Winter

Karina also shared plenty of adorable moments with her fellow SM Entertainment artists.

But now she has MYs melting once again, this time with her adorable reaction to a dog. The members of aespa arrived at Gimpo International Airport on August 30, showing off their flawless airport fashion (as always).

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As she came out, Karina’s attention was instantly drawn toward something. She put her hands up to her face in surprise, clearly loving what she was seeing.

This was totally understandable, as it turned out to be the most adorable Golden Retriever!

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Karina’s reaction had fans gushing about how cute she is.

But in that moment, we were all Karina!

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