Aespa’s NingNing Gains Attention For Her Unreal Body Proportions — And Her Insane Duality

“Paris Fashion Week NingNing” is already a legend.

Aespa‘s NingNing has barely been in Paris but she already has all eyes on her as she shows off her unreal body proportions decked out in Givenchy…as well as her insane duality. No one can do both sexy and cute like NingNing!

NingNing | @aespa_official/Instagram

Aespa’s vocal queen is one of the great all-rounders of her generation, and now she is adding next-level modeling skills to her repertoire. She and her members are currently attending Paris Fashion Week as brand ambassadors for Givenchy, leaving everyone stunned with their real-life visuals.

NingNing’s time in the city so far has been filled with instantly iconic moments that perfectly show her extreme duality. From proving that she is the ultimate fashion icon to being the cutest person in the room, she has practically everyone gushing over her.

She arrived dressed in a sheer black Givenchy bodysuit, earning instant praise for her unreal and luxurious visuals.

She definitely looked like the main attraction!

And what’s more, she acted like it too; fans couldn’t get enough of her supermodel walk.

Luckily, she uploaded her own HD images of her black Givenchy fit…

| Bubble via @ningningspics/Twitter
| @aespa_official/Instagram

…only to leave fans stunned by her unreal body proportions.

But that wasn’t all—NingNing also had everyone charmed as her true personality shined through. When she was supposedly out of sight, she couldn’t help adorably peeking out at the fans…

…and when she was being hurried away she melted hearts by apologizing to MYs in the cutest way ever.

Not to mention that she looked too cute holding a flower handed to her by fans.

And, of course, it wouldn’t be NingNing if she didn’t also show off her playfully goofy side.

As fans who saw her in Paris say, NingNing is a true dual queen!

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