Aespa’s NingNing Hits Back At Haters Following Their 2022 Coachella Performance

It follows criticisms of their performance.

Although Coachella is known as a global event, it seems like it has definitely cemented its status as a “K-Pop Festival.” Whether it was the unexpected reunion of 2NE1, GOT7‘s Jackson literally causing a meltdown with his performance, or BLACKPINK‘s Jennie stunning with her visuals, K-Pop took over once again.

One group that recently joined that list after their performance at the festival is aespa!

Members of aespa | @aespa_official/Twitter

As expected, the group wowed global crowds with their performance on the main stage, showcasing their visuals, talent, and unrivaled charisma to the crowds.

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| Ivan Meneses/R&CPMK

They also showcased a lot of haters wrong when they wowed audiences with their live vocals and work ethic so much that even the associate director of the show couldn’t hide her excitement.

Despite the praise from fans worldwide, aespa continues to have their critics, but the members have recently been praised for their response to these messages, particularly youngest member NingNing.

Aespa’s NingNing | @aespa_official/Twitter

If all the members shined at Coachella, NingNing stole the hearts of netizens and locals (those who don’t like K-Pop) as she gained the nickname “The Blonde Girl” for her dazzling visuals and undeniable vocals.

| @aecespa_/ Twitter

After the event, the members safely returned home and shared their thoughts about the performance on the social media website Bubble. When NingNing shared her thoughts, she started by saying how hard the members worked and what they wanted to achieve.

Also, all four of us seriously prepared for this performance. Our goal was to have fun with our fans. And we did that.

— NingNing

Yet, she also shared a message for the haters who have criticized the group during their careers. In particular, she showcased true strength and determination in her words but portrayed them eloquently.

But if you look at us with bias, I just want to say~ we’re doing what we like to do. We don’t have time to pay attention to those who hate us, but hopefully those people can also find things that they like to do and do them. Life’s too short.

— NingNing

Despite being so young, NingNing continues to showcase her undeniable talent and maturity when it comes to those disregarding the work aespa has done. Coachella was a huge moment for the members and fans, and the group wants to make sure it isn’t overshadowed.

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