aespa Reveals That They Finally Got Their Cellphones Back Again

Congratulations to the girls!

It is a well-known fact that many companies try to restrict their rookie idols by confiscating their handphones or preventing the idols from using them. This is a common rule put in place to help rookies focus as well as to prevent any possible controversies. As public image is crucial for rookies, a misstep could lead to trouble. On the other hand, it is also a good way to prevent rookies from being swayed by negative comments online.

On a recent episode of the radio show, Jung Oh’s Hope Song, This Is Kim Shin Young, aespa appeared to promote their latest comeback, “Next Level”. The host, Kim Shin Young probed the girls on if anything had changed within the last 6 months into their career.

| Star Today

aespa debuted nearly half a year ago with “Black Mamba”. Winter shared that not much had changed, but the girls were now allowed to use their cellphones. NingNing revealed that they did not expect much from the company for now, as rookies and that they would work even harder!

Perhaps when aespa is further into their already successful career, SM Entertainment may provide them with more support such as luxury sedans or a larger food expense! Here’s to their future.

Source: Star Today


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