Aespa Sees Viral Success Less Than 24 Hours Following “Dreams Come True” Music Video Premiere

Netizens can’t stop raving about them!

The highly anticipated music video for aespa‘s “Dreams Come True” was just revealed and the girls are already breaking records.

Aespa’s teaser photo for “Dreams Come True” | SM Entertainment

Just moments ago, aespa’s “Dreams Come True” music video premiered on SM Town‘s official YouTube channel and the viewership count has been skyrocketing, as the current count sits at over 7 million views.

Aespa’s “Dreams Come True” viewership count | @SMTOWN/YouTube

And it’s no surprise that the girls are seeing such success! The 4 members showed off their individual colors and skills for the music video, proving their monster rookie title. The girl group started off the music video on a strong note, as they danced to the remastered funky tunes of the 1998 hit track.

Each member’s outstanding visuals were highlighted in the video, as Karina



…and Giselle showed off their star potential.

The girls didn’t forget to incorporate the iconic hand-slashing dance movement that became a K-Pop craze in the late 90’s. However, they added their aespa flair into the catchy chorus choreography.

And while the video has been out for less than 24 hours, it’s gone absolutely viral amongst the Korean public due to the girls’ impressive remaster cover. Korean netizens immediately showered aespa with high praises for tackling such a classic and legendary song, while including their own “identity.”

| theqoo
  • “It’s fascinating that you can see aespa’s identity firmly ㅋㅋㅋㅋ I don’t think there’s a need to even talk about their vocal skills.”
  • “I had a lot of concerns about the remake news, but they did a great job modernizing it for current day.”
  • “It still sounds like the original song, but they were able to make it trendy all while including their aespa identity. They did a good job.”
  • “Their vocals are so cool.”
  • “So f*cking good.”
  • “The remake was done really well? So good.”
  • “I think they did an awesome job with the remake…it’s so good.”

Holy moly, they absolutely slayed this remastered version! Be sure to check out aespa’s amazing remake cover of S.E.S’s 1998 hit “Dreams Come True” down below.

Source: theqoo