Aespa Will Remake S.E.S.’s Iconic “Dreams Come True,” And Here’s Why The Song Is Such A Great Fit For Them

This song is perfect for them!

SM Entertainment recently announced that aespa will release their version of S.E.S.’s “Dreams Come True” in December, and the song is absolutely perfect for them!

aespa | @aespa_official/Instagram

SM Entertainment recently announced their Remastering Project. Through this project, the company not only remastered their older artists’ music videos but also involved its current artists by asking them to create their own interpretations of some of the company’s oldest hits.

aespa’s Karina (left) and Giselle (right) at SM Entertainment’s “Remastering Project” press conference | @SMTOWNGLOBAL/Twitter

During a press conference about the Remastering Project, co-CEO of SM Entertainment Lee Sung Su revealed that aespa will release their own rendition of S.E.S.’s “Dreams Come True,” which was released in 1998.

| tresh62/YouTube

S.E.S. was SM Entertainment’s first girl group, and “Dreams Come True” was about a girl waiting for her lover to come to her and feeling like all her dreams came true when they finally got to spend time together.

The song has been covered by many girl groups, including TWICE, Red Velvet, and Girls’ Generation.

Red Velvet and TWICE members performing “Dreams Come True” | KOCOWA TV/YouTube

The “Dreams Come True” music video was very popular in the ’90s thanks to its fairy concept and futuristic vibe.

Considering how well aespa has pulled off their unique “ae” concept, they’ll definitely be able to add their own futuristic vibes to S.E.S.’s “Dreams Come True!”

| SMTOWN/YouTube

Doesn’t this clip from “Dreams Come True” look like something straight out of KWANGYA?

The video fits aespa’s vibe, but S.E.S.’s sound is a great fit for them, too. Ningning has drawn comparisons to S.E.S.’s leader and main vocalist, Bada. Bada covered “Next Level,” and fans said she sounded just like Ningning! Bada even once showed the aespa members her secret handbook full of vocal tips she used to develop her powerful voice.

| BADA/YouTube

“Dreams Come True” wouldn’t be the first time aespa covered a track by another SM Entertainment artist. They released a cover of Yoo Young Jin‘s “Forever” in February 2021.

| SMTOWN/YouTube

We can’t wait to see and hear aespa’s updated version of “Dreams Come True!”