Former After School’s Nana Receives Praise From Netizens For Her Stunning Tattoos

She showed off even more of her tattoos this time.

After School‘s Nana shocked the world when she revealed her tattoos previously. Contrary to her job as an actress, Nana showed off her multiple tattoos on her arms and chest.

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This time, Nana revealed even more of her tattoos on the red carpet. She attended a promotional event for her upcoming movie, Confession. With thick eyeliner and a long dress, she showed off an image she had never done before.

Fans noticed that she seemed to have even more tattoos than initially expected.

Her neck and back were covered with tattoos. These went perfectly with her gothic dress and pulled-back hair.

She shone with confidence at the press event.

Netizens also pointed out her unique choice in footwear as they praised her for her gorgeous tattoos.

Netizens’ reactions. | theqoo
  • “I think it’s great as she has an image that can’t be seen in our country.”
  • “She’ll deal with the restrictions on her roles by herself f*ck like she’d know best as an actress herself. Why is everyone whining?”
  • “Oh, how cool.”
  • “Her shoes are pretty.”
  • “She’s so cool. They suit her.”

It’s lovely to see the support and admiration for Nana, despite the potential controversy it could cause as an actress. Although the country is not as conservative as previous times, as an actress, the tattoos could limit her spectrum of work. Regardless, Nana seems to absolutely own them!

Source: theqoo
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