Former After School Member Nana Shocks Netizens By Giving A Glimpse Of Her Unseen Chest Tattoo

The newly released shots showcase a lot more of the intricate artwork!

Korean society can be quite traditional when it comes to certain aspects of visuals, and one of the most debated trends in tattoos, especially amongst female celebrities.

One former idol who recently shocked the world with her artwork was former After School member Nana (also known as Im Jin Ah).

Former After School member Nana | @jin_a_nana/Instagram

On September 20, the actress attended a press conference for her upcoming movie, Confession. 

During the press conference, Nana definitely stole the show after appearing in a mini black one-piece dress, revealing tattoos that adorned the actress from her shoulders to her ankles.

| News1
| News1

After debates about whether they were real or not, Nana explained during a press conference for the upcoming Netflix series Glitch that although the tattoos worked for the character, she got them because she wanted to.

These are tattoos that I have always wanted. If there is an opportunity in the future, I’d like to tell you all why I got them or why I didn’t. I’m not sure if that day will come.

— Nana

| @jin_a_nana/Instagram

Well, it seems like the former After School member has decided to showcase even more of her beautiful artwork. Nana has recently showcased more in promotional images for the upcoming Netflix series Glitch.

On Instagram, Nana shared images from Netflix of herself and co-star Jeon Yeo Been. In the images, both women looked absolutely flawless in black suits.

Jeon Yeo Been (left) and Nana (right) | @jin_a_nana/Instagram
| @jin_a_nana/Instagram

In one of the duo’s shots, one of Nana’s tattoos was seen much clearer. When the tattoos were first revealed, the former idol was wearing a straight neckline dress only showing part of the tattoos, yet, this photo seemingly showcased more.

| @jin_a_nana/Instagram

Nana later posted some solo images from the photoshoot, and the tattoos were much clearer. With a lot lower cut jacket, netizens were able to see much more of the chest tattoo which seemed to be a delicate floral design that trailed down her chest.

| @jin_a_nana/Instagram
| @jin_a_nana/Instagram

Even in a video, the beautiful design can be seen underneath the blazer.

| @jin_a_nana/Instagram

When the images were shared, netizens couldn’t get enough of the shots that Nana had shared. Although Korean society can be quite traditional, international fans couldn’t stop praising the beautiful artwork.

Yet, she isn’t the only Korean celebrity who is pushing the boundaries when it comes to the “ideal” visuals. Actress Han So Hee has recently gained attention after not only flaunting her tattoos but also debuting a brand new eyebrow piercing.

Han So Hee’s latest Instagram with a darker look and showing off her tattoo and piercing | @xeesoxee/Instagram

It seems like Korean celebrities are becoming more and more open with their tattoos and proving that, rather than a taboo, it is a method of expression.

You can read more about Nana’s tattoos below.

Former After School Member Nana Finally Speaks About Her Viral Tattoos And Is Asked If They Are Real

Source: @jin_a_nana and Nate
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