Former A-JAX Member, Yoonyoung Talks About His Dating Rumors With APRIL’s Naeun In An Interview

“The rumors about our lovestagram…”

Former A-JAX member Yoonyoung sat down for an exclusive interview to reveal the truth about his dating rumors with APRIL member, Naeun.

Former A-JAX member, Yoonyoung | @2yoooung/Instagram

Just a day ago, the former A-JAX member got swept up in dating rumors with the APRIL member after he stepped forward to defend Naeun from her alleged bullying allegations. There were rumors that the two idols had a “lovestagram” dedicated to their alleged relationship, but DSP Entertainment has since denied the rumors.

In the midst of the rumors, Yoonyoung sat down with SPOTV NEWS for an exclusive interview to share his side of the story. The former boy group member starts off by sharing how he felt about the rumors.

I’ve been embarrassed by all the dating rumors that have circulating online about APRIL’s Naeun and myself.

— Yoonyoung

| DSP Entertainment

He then reveals the reason why he decided to upload the Instagram story defending APRIL.

I have a close relationship with APRIL and I felt bad for them. I thought I could provide more information until the truth was revealed. Now I understand that it may have been a careless decision. I just want people to know that I did it because I felt bad for them.

— Yoonyoung

The former A-JAX member also took the time to address the backlash he has been receiving from netizens. After Yoonyoung stepped forward to defend APRIL, netizens accused him of justifying bullying, making him the center of severe scrutiny.

There is no situation where bullying or violence is ever justified. I understand that. I didn’t upload my words because I believed in that. It’s very frustrating.

— Yoonyoung

During the exclusive interview with SPOTV NEWS, Yoonyoung took the time to squash the dating rumors involving him and APRIL’s Naeun.

Alleged “lovestagram” photo proof with APRIL’s Naeun | @2yoooung/Instagram

Nauen is like a little sister to me. The rumors about our ‘lovestagram’ are completely false. The ‘lovestagram’, as well as the entire dating rumor with Lee Naeun are not true. I think they started from misunderstandings, but they are absurd.

— Yoonyoung

As previously mentioned, Yoonyoung became the target of overwhelming backlash since his upload. Netizens have not only been attacking the former boy group member with malicious comments, but they have extended their hatred to his family members as well. He took the time to share his thoughts on the matter.

I can endure the hate and threats made against me. However, the hatred towards my family, the threats and malicious comments about my family members have been hard.

‘If I saw him on the street, I would hit him’, ‘just die already’ and other threats have been written about me. I know that I wrote a lot of things because I couldn’t control my anger, but they’re crossing a line. It’s been painful.

— Yoonyoung

| @2yoooung/Instagram

The former boy group member concluded the interview by sharing his hopes for the situation.

I think that the APRIL members and Hyunjoo are the ones hurting the most. I hope that no one gets hurt by this anymore.

— Yoonyoung

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