“Alchemy Of Souls” Actor Lee Jae Wook’s Swoonworthy Comments About His Chemistry With Co-Star Go Youn Jung Has Netizens Going Crazy

Lee Jae Wook seemingly misses Go Youn Jung as much as netizens!

It might have ended at the start of the year, but one of the hottest K-Dramas that has captured the hearts of netizens was Alchemy Of Souls.

The “Alchemy Of Souls” poster | tvN

In the second part of the show that has just ended, Lee Jae Wook (who plays Jang Uk) was joined by Go Youn Jung, who took on the role of Jin Bu Yeon.

During the show, the couple gained attention for their unreal chemistry and especially shook the internet with their steamy kisses towards the end of the series.

Even when the cameras weren’t rolling, they posted the cutest photos. Go Youn Jung was the first female to appear on Lee Jae Wook’s Instagram. In the photos, they look extremely close, and it’s hard for your heart not to melt.

Lee Jae Wook (left) and Go Youn Jung (right) | @goyounjung/Instagram
| @goyounjung/Instagram

During a recent fan meeting Lee Jae Wook held, the bond between Jang Uk and Bu Yeon seems still in everyone’s hearts. At one point, they showed the clip of the steamy kiss between the two stars.

As the crowd erupted, netizens loved Lee Jae Wook’s reaction as he seemingly got very shy upon seeing the scene and even had to be fanned by the MC.

Yet, if that wasn’t enough, Lee Jae Wook has been gaining a lot of attention and has had netizens swooning with his recent comments about his co-star.

In a recent interview, Lee Jae Wook spoke about Go Youn Jung for the first time since the show ended. From the moment he opened his mouth, fans were excited as the actor revealed, “I think Younjung noona and I work well together.”

Like everyone watching the second part of the series, Lee Jae Wook seemingly realized that ten episodes of the show were extremely short. It didn’t give fans enough time to appreciate the chemistry between the two stars.

This time, I think (the time we worked together) in AOS Part 2 was quite short…

— Lee Jae Wook

Luckily, Lee Jae Wook made the hearts of Alchemy Of Souls fans burst as he echoed the sentiments of viewers when he shared his desires for future projects. In the clip that gained much attention, the actor shared, “I’d like to meet her again for a longer time in a romance drama.”

When the clip was shared on multiple platforms, it received a lot of praise from fans. While many loved that Lee Jae Wook was basically the same as netizens, others loved how sweet his comments about Go Youn Jung were, showing his admiration for the actress.

With rumors that the two might be set to reunite sooner rather than later, Lee Jae Wook seems as eager as fans to star in another K-Drama with Go Youn Jung. If that happens, they will definitely send the internet into meltdown with their unreal chemistry.

You can read more about the duo’s chemistry below.

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