“Alchemy Of Souls” Actor Lee Jae Wook Takes An Unexpected Co-Star On A Trip To Bangkok With Him

Lee Jae Wook had a date with royalty!

When it comes to iconic casts of K-Dramas, everyone was rightly obsessed with the friendship between the stars of Alchemy Of Souls. From the lead stars to the supporting cast, the friendship between the actors was incredible and was obviously why the show was so amazing.

The cast of “Alchemy Of Souls” part one | tvN

It seems like the Alchemy Of Souls cast has stayed close in the most unexpected way after lead actor Lee Jae Wook was spotted on holiday together… but it’s not who you might expect.

Of course, when it comes to the OTP (one true pairing) in the show, netizens couldn’t get enough of the chemistry between Jang Uk and Jin Bu Yeon (played by Go Yoon Jung) from the second series.

Go Youn Jung and Lee Jae Wook as the leads in the second part of the show | tvN
| tvN 

Even away from the screen, Lee Jae Wook and Go Yoon Jung had this unreal chemistry that had fans smitten.

Lee Jae Wook (left) and Go Youn Jung (right) | @goyounjung/Instagram

While in Bangkok for his fan meeting, Lee Jae Wook wasn’t with Go Yoon Jung… but none other than the Crown Prince, played by Shin Seung Ho.

The Crown Prince played by Shin Seung Ho

At the start of February, fans noticed that when attending Lee Jae Wook’s fan meeting in Bangkok, he was joined by Shin Seung Ho.

He was seen cutely supporting his co-star by taking pictures, even telling fans to ignore him and focus on Jae Woo.

If that wasn’t enough, Lee Jae Wook definitely wasn’t afraid to share his time with Shin Seung Ho.

On Instagram, the actor shared a video of some beautiful fireworks, and in the background, someone seemed very excited, and Jae Wook revealed it was Seung Ho.

Yet, what was the icing on the cake was Lee Jae Wook’s recent Instagram post. In the caption, the actor wrote, “Bangkok trip with seja (Crown Prince),” and the photos’ duality shook fans.

While some shocked them with Jae Wook and Seung Ho’s unreal muscles and physiques…

| @jxxvvxxk/Instagram
| @jxxvvxxk/Instagram
| @jxxvvxxk/Instagram

The others seemed to radiate true boyfriend goals as the two did some sightseeing, took pictures of each other, and even did a hand-heart.

| @jxxvvxxk/Instagram
| @jxxvvxxk/Instagram
| @jxxvvxxk/Instagram

Of course, it shouldn’t be surprising that netizens couldn’t contain their excitement at seeing the two together. During the show, the unconventional friendship between Jang Uk and the Crown Prince gained a lot of love.

Of course, the relationship between the Prince and Jang Uk slowly developed over the episodes, going from enemies to frenemies, to friends… at some points, there were even hilarious moments that could’ve seen them as lovers.

The most famous interactions come from the turtle the Crown Prince took in because of Jin Bu Yeon. Whether it was the sadness when the Prince found out the real reason Jang Uk took care of his turtle, Jang Uk comforting the Prince when the turtle went missing…

Lee Jae Wook even revealed that he wanted to win “Best Couple” with Shin Seung Ho.

“Alchemy Of Souls” Actor Lee Jae Wook Wants To Win “Best Couple,” But His Choice Of Co-Star Will Shock You

The friendship is truly strong between the cast, but it isn’t surprising that many netizens joked that Lee Jae Wook and Shin Seung Ho were on a “Holiday Date” because they seem so close.

Source: @jxxvvxxk/Instagram

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