“Alchemy Of Souls” Actor Lee Jae Wook’s Ideal Type Resurfaces Following His Unreal Chemistry With Co-Star Go Youn Jung

Their compatibility has gained attention following the show’s finale!

Even though it recently ended, one of the hottest K-Dramas was Alchemy Of Souls.

“Alchemy Of Souls” poster | tvN

In the second part of the show, Lee Jae Wook (who plays Jang Uk) was joined by Go Youn Jung, who took on the role of Jin Bu Yeon

During the show, the couple gained attention for their unreal chemistry and especially shook the internet with their steamy kisses towards the end of the series.

Even when the cameras aren’t rolling, they seem to always have fun with each other.

On Instagram, they also post the cutest photos, and in particular, aside from promotional photos, Go Youn Jung was the first female to appear on Lee Jae Wook’s Instagram. In the photos, they look extremely close, and it’s hard for your heart not to melt.

Lee Jae Wook (left) and Go Youn Jung (right) | @goyounjung/Instagram
| @goyounjung/Instagram

Well, following the show’s ending and the chemistry shown by the two stars, Lee Jae Wook’s ideal type has been reanalyzed.

In an interview from 2019, when Lee Jae Wook was a rising star, the actor revealed what his ideal type was. During the interview, when asked about dating older girls in the future, Lee Jae Wook didn’t seem phased.

Instead, he explained that it seemed likely, adding, “I seem to prefer older girls.”

Of course, although the age gap isn’t too much, Go Youn Jung is still older than Lee Jae Wook by two years.

If that wasn’t enough, he later went on to describe his ideal type, explaining, “First of all, I like positive people because I can get a lot of energy from her…”

Along with the age difference, his love for positivity seems to be another thing Go Youn Jung has. In a recent interview, when asked about working with his co-star, Lee Jae Wook couldn’t stop praising her positive attitude.

Go Youn Jung is a very bright person. Her positive energy is beyond measure. It’s not easy to follow the filming schedule without losing your smile like that.

— Lee Jae Wook

| @jxxvvxxk/Instagram

After snippets of the interview were posted and compared to Lee Jae Wook’s recent quotes about Go Youn Jung, netizens couldn’t get over how similar they were. As they are much closer in age, many thoughts that Lee Jae Wook might have finally found his ideal woman.

Although it might just be netizens reading into it too much, there is undoubtedly chemistry between the two stars. Hopefully, netizens get to see more interactions between them even though the show has ended because they are truly wholesome.

You can read more about their chemistry below.

“Alchemy Of Souls” Actress Go Yoon Jung’s Latest Instagram Post Showcases Her Close Relationship With Co-Star Lee Jae Wook

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