Popular 5th Generation Idol Brings His Dad Along To The Red Carpet

What a moment 🔥

It’s a rare sight to see K-Pop stars sharing personal moments with their loved ones publicly. Even rarer is to witness idols bringing their parents into the limelight, largely due to the fiercely guarded privacy that comes with fame. However, one popular 5th generation idol has taken familial bonds to a whole new level, breaking the conventional norms by walking the red carpet with his father.

This heartwarming display took place at the prestigious MBC‘s Gayo Daejejeon, an event that holds significant importance in South Korea, as it accompanies viewers throughout all of New Year’s Eve.

The daring idol was none other than RIIZE‘s Anton — though maybe not so daring because his father, Yoon Sang, is already a well-known musician in the Korean entertainment scene.  The duo’s appearance was not merely a statement of familial pride but also hinted at a soon-to-come artistic collaboration.

RIIZE with Yoon Sang (center).

The attention was solely on the duo as Yoon Sang stood on the red carpet next to his son and the rest of RIIZE.

Dressed in chic and modern attire, Anton and his bandmates presented a cohesive, colorful look, while Yoon Sang’s classic style complemented the group’s youthful vibe. It was a harmonious blend of the old and the new, much like the anticipated collaboration that fans were eagerly waiting for.

Pre-debut Anton with his dad @eanakim/Instagram

The visual of them together, poised and elegant, not only emphasized their personal styles but also showcased a generational bridge in the industry, highlighting the evolution of music and fashion.

RIIZE were also pictured without Yoon Sang.

The red carpet event served as a precursor to what is expected to be an unforgettable collaboration stage during tonight’s show. The anticipation among fans was electric, with social media buzzing with predictions and excitement about the father-son duo’s performance.

With the main event — their performance — just around the corner, the buzz is about more than just what songs they’ll sing and what kind of performance they will give. It’s about witnessing a rare moment of unity, a celebration of where talent comes from and how it grows. It was about music, sure, but also about family ties and the coolness that comes when you get to perform with your dad on such a big stage.

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