American Artist Cupid Accuses SEVENTEEN Of Plagiarizing His Song “Cupid Shuffle”

He wants proper compensation.

American artist Cupid has accused SEVENTEEN and Pledis Entertainment of plagiarizing his most famous song “Cupid Shuffle”.

On August 14, Cupid shared both a video and a tweet about how he believed SEVENTEEN used parts of his 2007 hit song in their latest title track “Left & Right”.

He also shared a video showing the similarities between his song and SEVENTEEN’s song.

After one of his fans stated how the beats on the two tracks sounded nearly identical, he shared how he felt like K-Pop artists are trying to take advantage of “our culture”. Cupid is an African American, so he may be referring to the black culture.

He clearly laid out his demands he wants from Pledis Entertainment, which is compensation for his music being used.

Cupid has tried to contact Pledis Entertainment about this, but shared that the company did not respond to his requests.

Check out his video talking about the issue below:


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