American Vlogger Makes Hidden Camera Video About How Easy It Is To Pick Up Korean Women

Netizens are outraged, especially considering this isn’t the first time he’s done something like this.

YouTube Explorer Nick has come under fire for picking up Korean women while wearing a hidden camera, then posting the videos online.

According to his YouTube bio, Explorer Nick is “an impulsive American travel vlogger”, who lives in Asia. What his bio doesn’t say is that he is also a pickup artist who has created a hidden cam website that objectifies unsuspecting Korean women.

This screencap was taken from his website’s homepage.

If that’s not enough to make you feel icky, this might. Explorer Nick’s Korean website is just the latest in a series of hidden cam websites that offer footage from his dates that is “too crazy” for YouTube.

Just a back in 2018 he made a similar website about Taiwanese women, which he has since apologized for.

In his apology video, Explorer Nick says, “I have been racist. I have been insulting towards women. I have been a bad person here, and Taiwan was nice to me”.

He specifically apologizes for filming the women he posted on that website, yet his new video, uploaded August 29, proves that he has not changed his ways.

In this new video, entitled Explorer Nick In Korea | Day One | Wow Easy he approaches Korean women on the street and asks them some truly cringe-worthy questions.

Do you have a boyfriend? Can I be your boyfriend? It’s okay, I’m white.

— Explorer Nick

He asked one woman, who is holding hands with a man who appears to be her boyfriend, if he can have her contact information.

He asked other women what Korean women think about “really, really big hands”. It is a question that is known to have sexual implications.

After successfully getting one woman’s Kakao info, Explorer Nick called it his “first Kakao close in Korea, then described the woman as “a little cutie”.

The video currently filled with dislikes and has received harsh criticism from many netizens.

Hidden camera videos are a gross invasion of privacy that is becoming an epidemic in Korea, for both citizens and celebrities. If Explorer Nick’s video proves anything, it’s that stories like this are becoming far too commonplace these days.

Explorer Nick’s original YouTube account has since been terminated and according to one YouTuber, he has been arrested and now facing charges in South Korea.

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