American YouTuber Confronts Korean Man In The Street He Claims Called Him The N-Word

The man met the streamer a few days before.

Recently, the controversial YouTuber IShowSpeed, whose real name is Darren Watkins Jr, attracted attention throughout his visit to South Korea.

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IShowSpeed | @ishowspeed/Instagram

The streamer is known for his rambunctious nature and recently collaborated with female girl group KISS OF LIFE, though it was not well-received by fans. This is partly due to his comments about NewJeans in a now-deleted reaction video.

KISS OF LIFE’s Collaboration With Popular YouTuber Makes Netizens Angry — They Remember His “Sexualized” Comments Towards NewJeans

Despite this, Speed has a large following worldwide and has been greeted by fans during their time in the country. Just days ago, the streamer went live while at LotteWorld and was followed by many people.

During his most recent livestream, Speed took to the streets and was met by many fans, as expected. However, the streamer remembered one fan because of a tweet they had made during the previous days.

The Korean man had run into Speed during the day and snapped a photo with him, which there was nothing amiss about. However, the caption of the tweet read “I’m hapy I meet ISpeed, I love my n*gger ISpeed.


Speed actually ran into this man and confronted him, asking why he called him that. The man repeatedly said that he did not say that, as Speed pulled up the proof to show him.

As it turns out, the account that posted the tweet as since been deleted, and the man’s actual post made on Instagram was discovered.

As soon as I saw that @ishowspeed was in Apgujeong, I rushed there like crazy after quickly showering at home. I barked like a dog when I got there, woof woof!! Seoul is indeed great, haha.

I’ve only seen him on the Speed YouTube channel, which has the same number of subscribers as half of Korea’s population, but I never expected to see him in person, haha.

If you see this, Speed, follow me back on Instagram. You said you would, haha.

— Post Caption

That being said, the Korean man did make a new post where he used the word “n*gga” and posted the interaction.

Screenshot 2024-05-15 at 11.27.08 AM

Ran like a dog to Hongdae, lol. I wanted to tell him it was a misunderstanding, haha. I think he knew that it wasn’t me and that it was a fake account. But he was picking on me for fun? Haha. Anyway, thanks to him, I had another fun night. LOL.

— Post Caption

You can see his full nightlife stream below.

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