Anderson .Paak Caught His Fangirl Wife Simping For BTS’s Jin, And Things Have Never Been The Same Since

Silk Sonic’s “Smokin Out the Window” hits different now…

You may know Anderson .Paak is a Grammy-winning musician of African-American and Korean heritage. He’s also one-half of the super duo Silk Sonic with Bruno Mars.

Still, some might not realize that he and his family are ARMY too!

His son, Soul Rasheed especially loves BTS. He knows their choreography, owns merchandise, and was devastated when he couldn’t meet them last year.

He finally has met his idols after the family attended PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE in L.A. at SoFi Stadium. But it turns out that Soul Rasheed is not the only one in the family who absolutely adores BTS…

Anderson’s wife, Jae Lin, turned out to be totally Jin-biased! So, of course, the maknae line couldn’t help but tease him.

Jungkook: Jin-hyung‘s face turned red.

V: It’s like Jin-hyung is at a photobooth.

Jin: She’s a married person, so…! [Laughs]

Jae Lin: [Laughs] It’s okay, it’s okay!

Many found the whole interaction humorous… As for Anderson .Paak, though, days after the concert, he was still seeing headlines about the meeting, but they were focused on his wife and Jin!

| @anderson._paak/Instagram

He even had a tab open, looking at a tweet about this now-iconic interaction between Jae Lin and her bias. Anderson literally had the translations up and everything, so he knew exactly what was happening here!

| @btsinthemoment/Twitter

It’s been a few more days now, and he’s clearly not over it as he realizes that his wife may be in love with another man. When going through the kitchen cabinets, he discovered a box of Lemona vitamin powder sticks with none other than the Worldwide Handsome on the packaging. There’s no escaping Jin!

The only thing funnier than Anderson .Paak’s reaction to the whole thing is ARMYs’ reactions.

Anderson truly understands now what it’s like being an ARMY husband. You begin to realize you might not be your spouse’s No. 1 love, after all…

“Smokin Out the Window” must hit a little too close to home now when he sings it…

Of course, it’s all in good fun! Anderson .Paak loves BTS just as much as the rest of us. He even followed all members on Instagram immediately after the members got their personal accounts.

| @anderson.__paak/Instagram

He also recently went out for dinner with Suga, among other celebrities like KARD‘s BM, CL, and Bruno Mars. So, they’re all good friends!

Anderson .Paak (left) and Suga (right). | @yox_rick/Instagram
Source: @anderson._paak

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