AOA Suddenly Announces End of “Good Luck” Promotions After Only Two Weeks

After only two short weeks, girl group AOA has completed activities for their title track and mini-album Good Luck.

On the afternoon of May 30th, FNC Entertainment announced through the group’s website that AOA has officially completed promotions. They write, “First, we’d like to thank fans who supported AOA’s comeback activities with ‘Good Luck’ after a long hiatus. Last week’s ‘Inkigayo’ was the last music broadcast activities for ‘Good Luck.'” 

As a thank you to fans for supporting them, the girl group has arranged a special fan event and mini-concert titled ‘Good Luck to ELVIS.’ They end with, “We want to thank ELVIS once again for always giving support to AOA’s activities, and we promise AOA will return with a more mature look.”

AOA released their mini-album Good Luck on May 16th. Just prior to its release, the girl group was under controversy after members Seolhyun and Jimin were unable to correctly identify an important historic figure in South Korean history. And just late last week, they came under scrutiny again after Music Bank made an error on the group’s physical album sales charting points causing AOA to be announced the winners. After double checking and admitting to their mistakeMusic Bank recently announced on the 30th that a new trophy will be sent to TWICE, the actual winners of the May 27th episode.

Source: Mail Kyungjae