AOA’s Seolhyun reflects on the past year with touching SNS post

AOA’s Seolhyun looked back on her year in a heartfelt message to her fans. 

On January 3rd, Seolhyun posted a message on Instagram as she celebrated her 22nd birthday. The singer and actress took the chance to reflect on the past year through this post and promised to become a better version of herself for 2017.

The update was posted with birthday video and a personal message:

Hello, this is Seolhyun.

Seems like I always write posts like this on my birthday. I would like to express my thanks through writing to everyone who supported my happiness.

I was able to spend a birthday with tears of happiness, despite being busy, thanks to all the love from so many people. I was very happy last year, but also in a lot of pain. But due to the pain, I  think I was able to mature more.

Also, all the happy memories have become my motivation to be stronger today. Even though I may be disappointed in myself and have a guilty conscience, I often thought it was a luxury for me to feel restless when I had so many people suffering on my behalf.

Turns out, the only thing I can do is try my best. I will always be the Seolhyun who strives to do her best!! To those who tell me my sole existence gives the strength..!! Your sole existence gives me strength (๑و•̀Δ•́)و

After achieving viral fame for a few years, 2016 took quite a toll on Seolhyun. She was involved in a controversy with fellow member Jimin for their lack of history knowledge. Soon after, some of her CF contracts were canceled and she was followed by speculation that she was dating Block B’s Zico, which was eventually confirmed and ended in a break-up after just five months. At present, Seolhyun has reunited with AOA to promote their double title tracks, “Exclusive” and “Circling.”

Source: Dispatch

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