Aori Ramen Franchisees File Lawsuit Against Seungri’s Former Company

They’re also preparing to sue Seungri himself.

The former franchisees of Aori Ramen, a ramen franchise run by BIGBANG‘s Seungri, filed a lawsuit against the chain’s company Aori FNB. The two former franchisees identified as Mr. A and Mr. B, both filed a claim for 1.7 million won (~$145,000 USD) each.

On June 12, Mr. A and Mr. B filed a lawsuit against Aori FNB for 169,420,000 won each in damages to the Seoul District Court.

— Mr. A and Mr. B’s Lawyer

Mr. A and Mr. B claim that Aori Ramen had been promoting themselves with Seungri at the forefront, but the sales were drastically hit when Seungri was caught up in the Burning Sun scandal. Ever since the scandal, Aori Ramen tried to sustain themselves by cutting off ties with Seungri and reimbursing the franchisees as much as they can, but 15 of the 44 franchises have closed up shop since the scandal broke.

Aori FNB also claimed that they will be taking measures to best help the franchisees but Mr. A and Mr. B claim that they are putting all of the responsibility on Seungri, who has already left the company.

Aori FNB are refusing to take responsibility for the damages by claiming it wasn’t their fault. They are pushing the responsibility on their former CEO Seungri and his societal issues. They are avoiding taking responsibility because Seungri had already resigned.

Then who are the franchisees supposed to blame in this situation?

Many of the franchisees have undergone a lot of difficult times. Another reason why they decided to file a lawsuit was because they had to close up shop after trying to hold on. Aori FNB claims they are trying to create a system to prevent further damage to the company but how are they going to take responsibility for the damages that have already taken place?

— Mr. A and Mr. B’s Lawyer

News reports predict that more Aori Ramen franchisees will begin filing lawsuits against Aori FNB with the cost of damages increasing. The franchisees are also reportedly getting ready to file a lawsuit against Seungri personally.

However, Seungri was sent to prosecution on suspicion of illegal prostitution and violation of laws on embezzlement. Lawyers believe the ultimate outcome of Seungri’s scandal will effect Aori Ramen’s franchisees as well.

If Seungri is prosecuted and convicted in court, there will likely be an indirect impact on the civil lawsuit.

— Mr. A and Mr. B’s Lawyer

Source: TV Daily

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