Apink’s Chorong In Danger Of Losing Her Soju Ad Contract Following Alleged School Violence And Underage Drinking Accusations

She may lose her Soju advertisement.

Apink‘s Chorong is in danger of losing her soju advertisement after being swept up in school violence and underage drinking accusations.

According to an exclusive report from Sports Kyunghyang, Chorong’s contract with Chungbuk Soju expires on April 14. Lotte Liquor, which distributes Chungbuk soju, is known to be aware of Chorong’s current controversy and is considering whether they should renew her contract or not.

The liquor industry has been carrying out various social promotions and activities in an attempt to prevent careless drinking, such as underage drinking or drunk driving, to promote healthy consumption and change negative prejudices against the industry. In particular, Lotte Liquor has been continuously supporting these activities, and placing the responsibility on themselves to do better.

Earlier, Chorong was accused of school violence, slapping and kicking a classmate. Play M Entertainment stated that the accusations are false, however the accuser uploaded past pictures of Chorong, which then brought underage drinking accusations as well.

Source: Sports Kyunghyang