Apink’s Chorong Swept Up In Underage Drinking Allegations Following School Violence Accusations

These photos were provided by an acquaintance of Chorong.

Apink’s Chorong, who was recently swept up with school violence accusations, has now also been accused of underage drinking.

Netizen A, who held interviews with media outlets to share their side of the story, submitted various past photos of Chorong.

The photos however, seemed to show Chorong drinking at a restaurant with friends. The problem with this was that she was still in high school in 2008.

| Photos provided to Netizen A from Park Chorong’s acquaintance

Netizen A was not seen in the photos as it seemed to be a gathering of Chorong and other friends. An acquaintance of Chorong was the one to provide these photos to Netizen A. According to the acquaintance, although a minor, Chorong reportedly went out drinking every weekend.

Underage drinking is a target of criticism as it seriously damages small business owners. Recently, actress Go Minsi admitted to underage drinking and posted an apology.

Chorong, who has denied the school violence accusations, is now in a position to provide an explanation for underage drinking.

Netizen A has filed a complaint to the Seoul Gangnam Police Station on April 5 against Chorong. Netizen A told Sports Khan, “Park Chorong said she will take legal action without apologizing for school violence so I also plan to take it until the end in order to uncover the truth.”

Previously, Chorong filed a lawsuit against Netizen A for spreading false rumors about her. Most recently, Netizen A held an interview with a media outlet, claiming that they had been physically assaulted by Chorong and her friends.

After requesting for an apology through social media, Netizen A was only hit with police investigations, causing them to file a lawsuit against Chorong for false accusations.

Source: sports khan

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