Apink Chorong’s Alleged School Violence Victim Reveals First Phone Call Transcript As Evidence

They have submitted more evidence.

Apink’s Chorong, who recently denied all bullying accusations through an official statement by Play M as well as her personal Instagram, has been hit with more evidence from the accuser, Netizen A.

After seeing Chorong deny all allegations, Netizen A couldn’t hide their shock. “I am surprised because I thought she would admit to the accusations, but instead she has decided to take stronger legal action. I will also continue to take legal action, but before that I would like to provide evidence that she has admitted to the allegations.”

Netizen A has revealed the first phone call between the two as evidence.

Below is the transcript of the phone call:

Park Chorong: I didn’t do those things for no reason.

Netizen A: It doesn’t matter if you had a reason or not. What you did was wrong. Did I do something wrong to you? I reported to the police after you hit me. But a friend at the time told me to just let it go because it looked like you were drunk when you did it.

Park Chorong: But this, the problem is that I should have told you this at that time. There was a misunderstanding like you said in your DM. But anyway I should have talked to you then on the spot but I was also a bit angry at that time.

Netizen A: But ok, so what was it then? Because of what? Why were you mad at me?

Park Chorong: Like you said in your DM, there was someone that I liked at that time.

Netizen A: Yes, that’s right. But I was dating that person. I don’t know if it was because of that or what but from what I remember, your friend said, ‘Chorong said that she just wants to hit you’, and so I got hit that day. What I remember is that you slapped me across the cheek while others kicked my shin with their feet and so I had blood bruises on my shin. It was when we wore skirts to school so the student sitting next to me even remembers this incident. And, what was it again? There were a lot of kids at that time.

Netizen A: So do you think that if you were me, this trauma wouldn’t last long? Would you just forget it?

Park Chorong: No, I don’t think I’d ever forget it.

Netizen A: Honestly, my whole body is shaking while talking about this now. While talking about this story. But would you be okay if later when you get married and have a daughter and she encounters something like this?

Park Chorong: No.

Netizen A: Because of that, honestly I didn’t have a lot of strength back then. I had a small frame and looked weak too. I still have a bit of trauma left from this and because of that every time I would see a crowd of girls in college look at me, I would think, ‘Ah do they have some bad feeling towards me? Are they talking bad about me?’ and kept my head down for awhile.

Netizen A: But you…you don’t really know the pain I went through do you? So I thought, ‘Ah I guess I just shouldn’t watch when Apink comes out’, and I would turn off the TV whenever you guys came on. But as I got older, this wasn’t the case. I wondered, ‘Why do I have to live like this when I am the victim.’

Park Chorong: I’m sorry, truly. I should not have done that during that time and regardless of misunderstanding, I should have talked it out with you on the spot, but I was pretty mad at that time too.

Netizen A: It is what it is, but you should have apologized to me if you were going to debut as a celebrity and appear on TV. Don’t you think? Considering I’m still living with the pain?

Park Chorong: To be honest, I did the audition in a hurry and came up here so things were just crazy. Because everything happened in such a short amount of time, it’s true that I didn’t think to fix all my mistakes before leaving.


Previously, Chorong filed a lawsuit against Netizen A for spreading false rumors about her. Most recently, Netizen A held an interview with a media outlet, claiming that they had been physically assaulted by Chorong and her friends. Chorong’s agency then denied all accusations with an official statement release. Chorong was then swept up in underage drinking accusations after a photo was released by Netizen A, in which she admitted to in her personal message on Instagram.

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