Apink Chorong’s Agency Releases Official Statement And States They Will Release Audio Recording If Needed

They will disclose the transcripts too if need be.

Play M Entertainment, has released another official statement regarding recent accusations against their artist, Apink’s Chorong.

We are here to inform you our position regarding the recently reported phone call transcript. Netizen A has only provided a part of the transcript and has maliciously distorted it.

During the first call, Netizen A made a threatening call and showed unexpected behavior, such as talking about private life that wasn’t true and not related to the issue, which caused a great deal of concern.

Chorong first listened and apologized while not asking about the details. They used to be friends and it was true that they did have conflict in the past so she apologized for that but did not admit to the violence. Netizen A requested that they meet and they even tried to arrange a date.

According to the content that Chorong has been threatened with for over a month, Netizen A is telling stories that have nothing to do with the nature of the matter such as revealing past photos and only providing a partial transcript.

We also have the first and second transcripts. We will also submit all transcripts as evidence to the police. We tried to reveal the truth according to legal procedures, but because Netizen A’s malicious reports are continuing to be revealed, we will refrain from unnecessary stories as much as possible, but will disclose the transcripts if necessary.

– Play M Entertainment

This statement comes after Netizen A held an interview with Korean media, claiming that they had been physically assaulted by Chorong and her friends. Chorong’s agency denied all these accusations with an official statement release.

Netizen A then released a phone call recording to media outlets (transcripts here) as evidence to back her bullying accusations against Chorong.

In response, Play M Entertainment is claiming the recording was distorted and they are ready to release the full recording.

In addition to the accusations, Netizen A also released photos of Chorong drinking while underage. Chorong was quickly criticized by Netizens for drinking while underage. She uploaded a message on Instagram, admitting to drinking underage but denying all bullying accusations.

Source: Donga

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