Apink’s Chorong To File Lawsuit Against Childhood Friend For Threatening To Expose Her With False Information

The friend refused to meet Chorong to talk.

Apink‘s Chorong will be filing a lawsuit against her childhood friend. The friend, whose last name was revealed as Kim, had been spreading false rumors about Chorong, leading PlayM Entertainment to take action.

The company revealed that the childhood friend had a disagreement with Chorong in their youth. They recently contacted Chorong and threatened to expose her to the media unless she retired from the entertainment industry. The company responded with legal action after Kim rejected to meet Chorong and continued their threats.

The full statement can be read below.

Hello. This is PlayM Entertainment. The company has filed a lawsuit with the help of a law firm on April 1, 2021 at the Gangnam Police Station. The lawsuit is against Kim who has slandered our artist using false rumors, Apink’s Park Chorong, and attempted coercion through threat.

Recently, Park Chorong was contacted in the form of a threat by her childhood friend, Kim. Kim threatened to expose Park Chorong, based on the excuse that Park Chorong is relatively famous with the public, using false information about alleged violence and her private life. Kim threatened to expose Park Chorong to the media unless she voluntarily retired from the entertainment industry.

Park Chorong admits that she used to be close to Kim, but something happened to cause a rift in their relationship. After this, there were quarrels and arguments between Kim and another friend. Park Chorong had apologized for any discomfort caused. In addition, Park Chorong cleared up the truth and made it known that unlike what Kim had been claiming. Out of respect for their close friendship in their childhood, Park Chorong readily agreed to Kim’s request to meet up and she made every effort to open a conversation and communicate with Kim.

However, in the process, Kim continuously overturned their statements and canceled their meeting suddenly. Kim recorded the phone conversation with Park Chorong where Chorong had sincerely apologized and as she proceeded to act out rashly such as going to release the recording along with the false accusations to the media, Park Chorong has been under extreme mental duress. Hence we have no choice but to continue to deal with this through legal means.

The company has also examined the necessary materials for a lawsuit and will take strong legal action, with the civil and criminal charges for slander and attempted coercion.

We seek your generous understanding for having concerned you with an unsavory incident. We thank many of you for your support and we will continue to do our best to protect our artists’ rights.

— PlayM Entertainment

Source: Star Today

Apink's Chorong vs. Childhood Friend "Kim"

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