Apink’s Chorong Personally Denies Bullying Allegations And Admits To Underage Drinking

She wishes to emphasize she did not bully anyone.

Previously, it was revealed that Apink‘s Chorong had filed a lawsuit against a childhood friend for attempted coercion and slander. However, later on, the friend, last name Kim, took an interview to further accuse Chorong of bullying. She also released some pre-debut pictures of Chorong drinking at a bar, as well as more details. Netizens took note that the photographs of her drinking were taken when she was underaged.

Chorong has since personally stepped up with a statement made via her personal Instagram account.

Hello, this is Park Chorong. I am sorry to be greeting you all due to an unsavory incident.

Firstly, before I explain about the recent incident, I apologize about concerning everyone with the photograph of me drinking when I was a minor. I have hurt those that have cheered me on, due to the immature and wrong actions I carried out in my youth. I sincerely apologize without any excuses.

As for the recent issue, it started at the end of February and has been going on for about a month now. During that time, I made much effort to amicably communicate but it is such a pity that it did not end up as such. I have read the articles and the interview that the informant (Kim) gave about me yesterday. Although the issue grew this big due to the misunderstandings we both had, she was someone who was friends with me from elementary to high school, and as the memories playing together with her are as ever, it is inexplicable, just how miserable, the distress I’m feeling is.

However, I wish to say once again, that regarding the parts that have been wrongfully made known, I am innocent to the end. Never, by any means, have I slapped anyone, taken off someone’s clothing or committed violence as Kim had claimed. I will be doing my best, to prove my innocence thoroughly based on the recording of the phone call with Kim, as well as through the testimony of those present on-site at the time (in the past).

Lastly, I have given the fans who have been supporting me for 10 years since debut, such a huge wound. I was afraid that because of this incident, my sincere words and actions previously would be felt as fake, and I was afraid that I would disappoint the fans that trusted and supported me. I thoroughly feel sorry to our members, fans, as well as company staff and everyone who has helped me. I seek the forgiveness of everyone and the members for delivering such news on our tenth anniversary, and apologize sincerely with my head bowed.

— Chorong

PlayM Entertainment has not further spoken up about this.

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