Apink’s Chorong Accused Of School Violence, Agency Is Looking Into Accusations

The netizen plans to take strong legal action.

The agency has released an official statement.

Netizen A, who had a lawsuit filed against them from Apink’s Chorong, held an interview with Sports Khan in order to reveal their side of the story.

Netizen A revealed that they met Chorong on the street when they were attending different high schools and ended up being physically assaulted by a group.

Back in 2008 when I was 18, I randomly bumped into Chorong on the street in Sachang-dong. She looked at me with an unpleasant face when I showed a smile. Afterwards, her friends said, ‘Hey Chorong wants to hit you’ as they dragged me to some alley. Chorong said, ‘Seeing you smile at me doesn’t make me happy’ before slapping me on the cheek and kicking my shin.

⁠— Netizen A

Netizen A also claimed that Chorong’s friends assaulted her on the head, shoulders and back, causing them to have swelling of the face and bruises all over the body.

After seeing Chorong debut as a K-Pop idol girl group, Netizen A claimed that they had a hard time due to the past trauma. “I sent her a DM through Instagram for an apology, but was rather subjected to police investigation for ‘crime of defamation of false information’ and ‘attempted coersion’.”

Netizen A also reported the claims to Chorong’s agency, but they did not have a strong response, thinking that it was just an ‘anti-fan’s prank call’.

Afterwards, Netizen A did get in touch with Chorong, only to receive a quick “I’m sorry”. After asking for a public apology, Chorong requested to meet with Netizen A. Due to trauma, Netizen A denied the request to meet her in person. During the second call, Chorong changed her statement and claimed that she had not inflicted harassment on Netizen A. Netizen A stated that they had a recording of the first call in order to prove their claims.

After the call with Chorong, Netizen A also received phone calls from the other friends who assaulted them. “They called right after I hung up with Chorong and told me that my memory was distorted.”

When asked the reason for revealing this after the entertainment industry bullying issues had died down, Netizen A revealed, “She has been promoting well in the industry so far and I was worried about secondary abuse, so I thought about it a lot. But the pain surrounding the victims of violence has become a disease so I decided to make this decision.”

Netizen A’s legal representative stated, “If Chorong’s agency claims these accusations are false, then one of the two is lying. We have a lot of evidence to prove Netizen A’s innocence. We will take strong legal action towards Park Chorong.”

In regards to this matter, Chorong’s agency Play M Entertainment revealed that they are currently checking facts on this issue.

Source: sports khan

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