Netizen Who Accused APRIL’s Naeun Of School Violence Admits To Lying And Apologizes

She apologized to Naeun.

Back in June 2021, APRIL‘s Naeun was accused of school violence by a netizen. Her sister had vehemently denied the matter on Naeun’s behalf. On January 7, 2021, DSP Media announced through the official homepage that the accuser had admitted to lying and submitted a handwritten apology.

It has been acknowledged that the accusations in the post were false and after confirming sufficient evidence, it was submitted to the investigative police and the police concluded the case. The accusesr was deemed as having spread false information and charged for slander, to which she acknowledged it. She will be charged with the help of prosecution support. The accuser is reflecting on her mistake and showed her continuous wish to apologize to Lee Naeun and she personally wrote an apology which was conveyed to Lee Naeun. Lee Naeun has accepted the apology and decided to drop the charges. We wish to tell this truth to the fans who have waited for her unchangingly for a long time and supported her.

Thank you.

— DSP Media

DSP Media emphasized that they will be taking strong action in the future against the spread of falsehoods and rumors. The accuser’s apology acknowledged that the post she had uploaded was all false and that she is not a victim of Lee Naeun or school violence. She claimed to have been jealous of Naeun.

During elementary school, I had been quiet and did not have much of a presence, compared to Lee Naeun who got along with other friends and was always bright and lively so I was jealous and felt inferior to her and ended up writing a post which detailed matters that had not actually happened and have no relation to any truth. I caused harm to Lee Naeun and her company through my huge mistake. I know that even though she settled with me, my mistake does not disappear. Through this matter I have realized that a small lie can cause huge harm. I’m sorry.

— Accuser

Hopefully this case will now be closed as the truth is out.


Source: Sports KH
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