APRIL’s Naeun On Break Due To Stress Caused By False Accusations Of Bullying

She will still be participating in the comeback.

APRIL‘s Naeun was previously accused by a netizen that claimed that she was bullied by the star back in elementary school. Although the rumors have been refuted by DSP Media, Naeun’s company, who claimed that the story was entirely untrue, it seems that the psychological stress on the star caused her to require some rest.

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In a report made to OSEN, the company further stated that they had reached out, not only to Naeun herself for clarifications, but made a thorough investigation. The company contacted other classmates from her school days, who all stepped up to defend the singer. According to her classmates, Naeun was a bright and friendly girl, who got along well with all her peers. She was also close to the teachers, proving her good conduct and sociability.

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The post made by the netizen has since been deleted from the online community. It was reported on the 24th of July 2020 that Naeun has been given temporary leave by the company. She is currently resting and has been pulled out of choreography and performance practices for the time being. It is not stated as to when she will return to her regular schedules.

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DSP Media has also stated however, that if there is no further issues, Naeun will continue to appear on Inkigayo for her regular role as an MC. APRIL’s comeback slated for the 29th of July, will also proceed as usual with Naeun’s participation.

APRIL is slated to make a comeback for the summer with “Now or Never”. The music video will be out on the 29th of July. In the meantime, admire Naeun’s visuals with her teaser clip for the comeback!