ARMYs Keep Making Edits Of BTS’s Suga As A “The Sims” Character… And He Might Be In On The Joke

He’s living “The Sims” IRL!

BTS‘s Suga has been looking a bit differently lately. It’s probably because he’s been joining the homies in the HYBE gym.

From left: V, J-Hope, Jin, President Moon Jae In, RM, Suga, Jimin, and Jungkook.

As a result, he’s been getting bigger, and perhaps all of his outfits fit tighter than usual. His stance has changed because of this, and he often appears stiff in photos, reminding ARMY of avatars in The Sims video game.

Suga | @420JOON/Twitter

Especially in all of the latest Run BTS! episodes, Suga is often seen standing still with almost a dazed look amongst the chaos, resembling that of one’s video game avatars standing idly.

It never fails either. Wherever he goes now, you can spot Suga rocking this now-iconic pose. It’s definitely his current go-to stance.

Even when BTS visited the United Nations headquarters for the 76th United Nations General Assembly with President Moon Jae In, he still looked like he was straight out of The Sims. Maybe, more than ever, actually. So, it inspired lots and lots of edits.

Since the upgrade for BTS In The SOOP 2 as HYBE built a literal mansion for the members, ARMY couldn’t help but draw even more comparisons to The Sims. Suga is really just playing The Sims IRL, and we are lucky enough to get at least to watch him play.

We don’t know if Suga is in on the inside joke yet or not, but (SPOILER ALERT!!) he actually referred to the same game in episode 153 of Run BTS!. At the end of the episode, he and RM went to the top of Lotte World Tower, standing almost 2,000 feet (555 meters) above the earth.

RM and Suga visiting Lotte World Tower. | BTS/VLIVE

Looking out at the cityscape, the members admired their surroundings, especially the Olympic Stadium in the distance. Suga added that Seoul looked like a video game from his point of view. Not just any video game, though, SimCity.

I feel like we’re in SimCity. It looks like a game.

— Suga


We definitely agree with him. But considering this episode was released shortly after the trend of Suga as a Sims character edits became popular, it makes it even funnier.


Was it just a coincidence? Maybe he does know about all of the edits, after all. Either way, we definitely think Suga would be a perfect choice for the next brand ambassador for The Sims!

Source: @420JOON and BTS