ARMY Found An Ingenious Use For Their ARMY BOMBs Post-Concert

We LIVE for this energy.

Lightsticks have been often used for various things. From saving a life, to simply using it as a bouquet for your wedding. But two ARMYs took things to the next level after a night at the BTS PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE concert in Los Angeles.

Two K-ARMY had been frustrated with the parking at the concert, and rightfully so. With a 70,000 capacity stadium being filled for the concert, it was no wonder that everyone took a long time getting out. According to @magic_shop_24hr, the cars had not been moving for 30 minutes even though it was way after the concert had already ended. With help from their roommate, @sereny_7, they both decided to help direct the traffic.

Of course, while normally traffic wardens use literal light sticks like these…

| AliExpress

…these are ARMY we’re talking about! Look at how their ARMY BOMBs shone in the night!

Thankfully the cars followed their directions well and traffic became much smoother.

Well, that’s one more way to get a bang for your buck! Lightsticks don’t come cheap, you know. Kudos to them for helping out fellow concert-goers as well.