ARMYs Have A Hilarious Theory Of What BTS’s Jin Was Busily Writing During The “BE” Press Conference

Fans are dying.

BTS just held a press conference following the release of their new album, “BE”, and during the discussion, fans couldn’t help but notice Jin busily jotting things down on a piece of paper.


BTS is famous for diligently taking notes during press conferences, and even their agency hoobaes TXT gained attention for following their example.

But fans have another theory.

In an online community, fans compiled various GIFs of Jin jotting down notes and paired it up with doodles of RJ the alpaca, which is Jin’s BT21 character.

| @paca_aa/Twitter

When put side by side, it really looks like Jin was focused on his doodles of RJ.

And it had many other fans fooled.

  • I actually thought this was real.
  • Jin’s a busy man.
  • That’s adorable.
  • He’s so lovable.

Regarding what Jin was really writing, fans will never know.

But it’s hard to deny that this theory is adorable AF.

Source: The Qoo